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Snowfall jams up gun buyback

Last weekend’s snowstorm jammed up the final gun buyback events scheduled by the Asheville Police Department in the Montford and Shiloh communities. A posting on the Asheville PD Blotter says the final buybacks for 2009 will have to be rescheduled in those neighborhoods after the new year.

Any individual turning in a gun will receive $50 for an operational handgun or long gun, and $100 for an assault rifle. Money will be paid only for guns that are fully functioning. No black powder firearms will be accepted. The program is aimed at reducing accidental injury, suicide, domestic violence and gunfire in the community.

via Asheville North Carolina.

Police destroy most of the weapons they collect at the buyback events. Some are used for APD training.  It paid out $16,000 for firearms in 2007.


Big contractor postpones giant yard sale

12.04.09 UPDATE: Due to threat of snow, Beverly-Grant has postponed its giant warehouse sale originally scheduled for Dec. 5. No new date has been set yet, but an inventory list has been provided. It follows this updated post.

As every family knows, the old homestead can accumulate a lot of stuff over the years.

And then you have to do something about it.

That time has come for Beverly-Grant, the second-generation, family-owned business in Asheville that is the largest general contractor in Western North Carolina. Its warehouse is bursting at the seams and in order to free up some much needed space, it has scheduled a giant yard sale for Dec. 5.

“Our company has been in business for over 50 years and naturally we have accumulated a lot of excess construction materials and tools over that time,” a company spokesman said. “We are selling items that might be of use to other builders.”

Building materials and tools for sale include lumber, lighting, trim, brick, block, tile, trailers, saws, fasteners, slate, and more. You can see pictures here.

You may recognize Beverly-Grant from some of its work. It designed and built the Laurel Park Medical Centre in Hendersonville and CBS featured one of Beverly-Grant’s current projects, CooperRiis Wellness Center, on a recent Sunday Morning News show. The business is a member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council.

The construction warehouse sale, originally scheduled for Saturday Dec. 5th, has been postponed until a later date TBD. It will be at 92 Thompson Street in Asheville.

The inventory list includes (updated Dec. 4):

Used mop sink with faucet $50
Poplar/Pine lumber $0.25/ft
Oak lumber $0.50/ft
2×6 tongue and groove decking $1.50/ft
3×6 tongue and groove decking $1.50/ft
Aluminum Clad Windows $100 each
Fiberglass columns w/ capitals $50 per column
Door Frames $10 each
Button caps $5/box
Bolts $0.50 each
Nails $5/box
Handicap Shower Seats $20 each
Come-a-longs $5 each
Simpson Hangers $1 each
Doors $10 each
Attic Stairs $75
Hardwood Flooring $800.00 LOT
Cedar Closet Lining $15/box
Wood Brackets $1 each
Large Simpson hangers $1 each
Florescent Light fixtures $1 each
Stainless Steel Sink $25
Grout pump $50
DeWalt Saw $25
Air Compressor $30
2 Sets back hoe forks $150/pair
Decorative Tile $150 LOT
Anchor bolts $1 each
Low flow smoke detector $20 each
Louvers $25 each
Huge louver $75
Garage door $150
Large Medical Center doors $100 each
Misc. Cabinet Palettes $25/palette
Cypress balusters $1/piece
50 year Shingles $25/square
PVC Plumbing Fittings $1 each
HPS Light Fixtures $1 each
Rock $250 LOT
Pre-Cast Architectural Concrete $10/piece
Brick $0.10/brick
24 gauge Metal Siding $500 for the lot
Slate Shingles $500/palette
Scaffolding $5/piece
Slate Tiles $1/tile
Patio Furniture $50
Radial Arm saw $50
Sears Radial Arm saw $25
Timber connection plates $5 each
Fan $5
Yard Edger $75

Location, location, location even for burial spots

Location, location, location may be the mantra of real estate folks everywhere, but it takes on a whole different meaning with this latest item from ABC-TV.

The crypt over Marilyn Monroe has sold for $4.6 million by the widow of the man currently buried there — apparently enough for her to pay off the mortgage on her Beverly Hills home.

Once the deal is legally signed, sealed and delivered, Elsie’s deceased husband, Richard, — who is presently occupying the crypt face-down over Monroe — will be moved to the adjacent crypt.

via Sold! Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Sells for $4.6 Million | Zillow Blog – Real Estate Market Stats, Celebrity Real Estate, and Zillow News.

Although Asheville cemeteries may not have the same celebrity draw as LA, burial plots draw a regular reselling crowd on

Is your yard sale legal?

In this season of garage sales, there is suddenly a lot of hand-wringing about the federal Consumer Product Safety Act that was signed into law last summer. If you read it literally, it says we could be subject to thousands of dollars in federal fines for selling yard sale stuff.

This handbook will help sellers of used products identify types of potentially hazardous products that could harm children or others. CPSC’s laws and regulations apply to anyone who sells or distributes consumer products. This includes thrift stores, consignment stores, charities, and individuals holding yard sales and flea markets.

via CPSA handbook (PDF)

Some of the more pithy commentary on the issue:

How is a yard sale a federal issue?

No matter how thrifty you are, there are just some things you should always buy new.

If we let people have yard sales, next thing you know, they’ll want to open a Wal-Mart.

Bring it on feds. My powder is dry, my arm is steady. Come mess with my yard sale.


Traditionally this time of year, yard sales and garage sales are the most searched categories on

The shift to thrift … wanna trade?

People who once lived beyond their means, financing their lifestyle with debt, have “found religion.” They’ve begun to embrace frugality, and have discovered the joy that can come through spending less.

via The New Age of Thrift ∞ Get Rich Slowly.

This blog post has some interesting insights, including links to stories from Redbook and The New York Times and Business Week and Fortune, while proclaiming the need for a “gospel of thrift” in America.

You don’t get much thriftier than folks who are looking to trade in Iwanna. On, a search of the word “trade” returns 428 results from our thousands of local classified ads today. Try it for yourself and see if you can find something to trade for.

View Business & Agriculture prototype

Iwanna will launch a new Business & Agriculture section in the weekly print product next month to feature some of its most highly read content. The prototype is here.

Site examines new car prices

Hot on the heels of our post about now being a good time to buy a new car, a new online service has just come out of beta to help buyers and dealers evaluate pricing.

This explanation from the TrueCar site:

TrueCar is the fresh voice in new car pricing. We bring truth and transparency to the sales process by aggregating data from many different sources to show car buyers and dealers how much people actually paid for a particular car in their geographic area.

via TRUECAR About Us.

You can read the TechCrunch review about TrueCar here.

Or you can start your car search on Iwanna, and you can sell your own car for free by posting an Iwanna classified.

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