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Poll shows Americans adopt a more frugal lifestyle

Zogby International today documented America’s trend toward a more frugal lifestyle with poll results showing that the recession is affecting more than just discretionary spending.

Pollster John Zogby said:

Increasing numbers of people have become less materialistic and more interested in other, simpler forms of personal fulfillment.

via Zogby International.

The survey asked questions about economic lifestyle changes and found that cost-cutting is prevalent in all demographic groups — even those making over $250,000 a year. Americans are not just driving and eating out less, but they are reducing their housing expenses and are purchasing more second-hand apparel.

Iwanna has been the primary source for frugal shoppers in the Carolinas for more than 30 years. Now it is the area’s largest online user-generated shopping network.


“Priceless” deals around WNC in an iPhone app

Mastercard has released a cool iPhone app that allows you to share the best shopping deals in your area.

[Priceless Picks is] a social app that allows consumers to point out their best deals at their favorite local spots for all to see. The app uses the iPhone location services to figure out where you are. It then shows you on a map and shows all the deals others have placed around you.

via An App To Show You Mastercard “Priceless” Deals: Priceless..

If you’re in the Asheville area, download the application to your iPhone and you’ll find deal alerts from Smiley’s, Cinebarre, TracPhone, Advance Auto Parts, Grove Park Inn, and now Iwanna — Western North Carolina’s home for free classified ads.

TechCrunch adds:

If you want to add you own deal, you simply click the “+” button, and enter the relevant details. It will tag the place at whatever your current location is.

Is stocking up frugal or foolish?

Sam’s Club and other discounters have turned the impulse to stock up into a business model.  The majority of items for sale at these warehouse-like stores are bulk, and club members buy with the hope that they’re saving money over the long run.

The flipside, of course, is overbuying stuff you don’t need or use just because the price looked good. Who of us haven’t asked ourselves:

Are these impulses foolish? They don’t feel foolish, but sometimes I’m not as smart as I should be about these decisions. Would buying these extra iPods or boots just be a sort of hoarding? Would I be bringing more clutter into the house? I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t feel guilty for considering these options — so long as I can afford them.

via When Does It Make Sense to Stock Up? ∞ Get Rich Slowly.

Everybody who shops discount groceries knows that deals don’t last long on the shelves. If you think about stocking up on a good deal too long, it could be gone the next time you come back.

Comments from the Get Rich Slowly blog offer some good advice about stocking up:

  • Electronics are always bad options because technology improvements will almost always make the next model better.
  • Products that cost less than $20 each are good candidates but they have to be at a killer price.
  • Be cautious about products that degrade over time.
  • Be especially careful with food products that are stocked up, because they need to be rotated regularly.
  • Anything that you are confident you could resell at the same price you paid (or more) is worth stocking up on.

The shift to thrift … wanna trade?

People who once lived beyond their means, financing their lifestyle with debt, have “found religion.” They’ve begun to embrace frugality, and have discovered the joy that can come through spending less.

via The New Age of Thrift ∞ Get Rich Slowly.

This blog post has some interesting insights, including links to stories from Redbook and The New York Times and Business Week and Fortune, while proclaiming the need for a “gospel of thrift” in America.

You don’t get much thriftier than folks who are looking to trade in Iwanna. On, a search of the word “trade” returns 428 results from our thousands of local classified ads today. Try it for yourself and see if you can find something to trade for.

Site examines new car prices

Hot on the heels of our post about now being a good time to buy a new car, a new online service has just come out of beta to help buyers and dealers evaluate pricing.

This explanation from the TrueCar site:

TrueCar is the fresh voice in new car pricing. We bring truth and transparency to the sales process by aggregating data from many different sources to show car buyers and dealers how much people actually paid for a particular car in their geographic area.

via TRUECAR About Us.

You can read the TechCrunch review about TrueCar here.

Or you can start your car search on Iwanna, and you can sell your own car for free by posting an Iwanna classified.

Lower your prices

Whether you’re selling stuff out of your garage on Iwanna or arts and crafts from your own website, this post about selling online makes a lot of sense.

Lowering prices is not just a good trick to jump-start sales. It also makes economic sense in the long run. It’s much cheaper to sell on the Web. If you split the savings with the consumer, you both win.

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