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Asheville: One of the best places to work, if…

Asheville gets props from financial website for being the best place in America to work…

if you’re a claims adjuster.

The Mint Blog rates Asheville as tops in the Claims Adjuster salary category of Business and Financial Operations — at $87,410 annually. Anybody know of any claims adjuster job openings?

Not happy with your present salary? Wondering what city holds the gold at the end of the rainbow? We’ve done the research for you.

Follow the Money: The Best and Worst Places to Work by Average Salary | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice.

In a nutshell: If you’re a graphic designer, don’t work in Florence, Alabama. And if you’re a surgeon, move to Panama City, Florida.

And if you’re looking for a job in the Carolina mountains, try the Iwanna classifieds.

Salary Comparison at


Where are jobs? North …. Dakota, not Carolina

According to the Job Opportunity Index, the jobs are not in the most populous states such as New York and California but are in the less densely populated middle of America. North Dakota, the 3rd least populous state in the U.S., took the top spot on the Index while New York came in at #35, Illinois ranked #36, and California landed at #44.

via Job Opportunity Index: North Dakota Ahead of the Rest | News | Money/Investing | Mainstreet.

North Carolina ranks among the worst in this survey by

Visualize local jobless data with Google

Now when you Google “unemployment rate Buncombe County” or any other location, you get a nice graphic compliments of U.S. Labor Statistics data.  Try it with your own locality.

Buncombe County NC unemployment graph

The upswing in Buncombe County data looks scary, but you can keep an eye on new job opportunities by checking the job listings on

Unemployment rate – Google – public data.

Don’t agonize over your job search

Don’t spend too much time agonizing if you don’t get a job that you were convinced you were perfect for. People do make hiring mistakes, of course, but chances are good that the hiring manager made a solid decision about who was most likely to thrive in the position. And that’s a good thing, because you don’t want a job in which you won’t excel, or a culture that would make you miserable.

via Why You Didn’t Get Hired – On Careers (

If you’ve recently had difficulty finding a job in this tough economy, re-read that last sentence a few times for your sanity’s sake. It’s easy to beat yourself up over not getting hired. But it’s worse to be stuck in a bad situation.

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