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Ride the Twitter wave with these tips

Twitter has washed over Asheville and Western North Carolina in a big wave. It’s been embraced by local mainstream media, and it’s been growing in a number of local publishing entrepreneurs who are building networks and audience with the micro-blogging service. It’s also a great way to promote and follow events like this weekend’s Bele Chere Festival in Asheville.

A couple of good examples of local small businesses using Twitter include Blanchard Hyundai and AskAsheville. You can follow Iwanna at

But for most small businesses, Twitter remains somewhat of a mystery. Just in time, Twitter has released “Twitter 101 For Business” that is a great primer for small businesses.

Twitter isn’t just about useful immediacy. The conversational nature of the medium lets you build relationships with customers, partners and other people important to your business. Beyond transactions, Twitter gives your constituents direct access to employees and a way to contribute to your company…

via Twitter 101 for Business — A Special Guide.

Using very simple tools such as the new Twitter widget and a simple website creation tool — such as the disposable web-site creator DinkyPage — anyone can create a niche-specific information site to share with customers, colleagues and friends. Check out Iwanna’s Internet Marketing Tips here for more free website tools.

To show you how simple it can be, we’ve created an Asheville Tweets page that includes an Asheville Twitter feed and a Pack Square-based webcam courtesy Wilcox Travel. Check it out.

And so, as an added bonus, now you’ve gained some expertise so you can talk the talk at the pub.


Got your goat … as an investment

Mountain farmers in the Asheville area and Western North Carolina are likely all too familiar with the classic joke:

A city slicker and a farmer each win the lottery. They are asked how they will spend their winnings. The urban dweller says he will buy a new house, a new car, and put the rest in the bank for a rainy day. The farmer thinks and thinks. And finally says: “I guess I will keep on farming until the money is gone.”

While the investment return on farming is debatable, one financial blogger today asks whether farming might be the next big thing.

Goats: Wikimedia Commons

Goats: Wikimedia Commons

He points out in particular interest in a farm animal that gets a lot of queries each month in Iwanna: Goats.

It appears a fund manager in Australia has invested in a feral goat operation that expects up to a 12% rate of return. The story in Bloomberg quotes the investor: “This is a startup market. It’ll be five years before we know if there’ll be a goat industry.”

But the story notes that the United States is the largest buyer of goat meat from Australia. Which suggests the interest in goats on Iwanna may be more business-oriented than just hobby farming.

Back in May we noted that even Google is into goats.

Effecting change for small business

A good blog post for entrepreneurs:

In order to be successful, you have to be open minded. You have to be willing to change. You have to accept that your plans might be complete garbage and that you need to start over from scratch.

via Things About Our Business That Didn’t Go According To Plan |

Small businesses in Western North Carolina have turned to Iwanna for  their entrepreneurial and advertising needs for more than 30 years. And now Iwanna has a new section devoted to their endeavors called Business & Agriculture. Check it out.

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