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Charity auctions will benefit winner’s choice

Iwanna partner Boocoo Auctions will be running two-hour charity auctions the week of July 25-31, benefitting the favorite charities of winning bidders. As explained in their official announcement:

…users will have the opportunity to bid on seven of the most coveted electronic consumer items on the market. The auctions will have no reserve price and bidding will start at $1.00. All proceeds from the auctions will go to the winner’s favorite 501c3 charity.

“At Boocoo Auctions we are always looking for innovative, fun, and meaningful ways to improve the auction experience,” said George Willard Sr. the CEO of Ranger Data Technologies Inc., parent company of Boocoo Auctions. “We feel it’s important to experiment with new platforms and programs to improve the opportunities for buyers and sellers. The “two hour auction” is another example of that type of innovation,” said Willard.

The items and schedule for the 2 hour charity auctions are as follows:

Sunday July 25th
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                 iPad™  Wi-Fi 16gb

Monday July 26th
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                 Dyson-Ball™ Upright Vacuum DC 25

Tuesday July 27th
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                 Xbox® 360 Slim 250 gb

Wednesday July 28th
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                  iPhone™ 4  32gb

Thursday July 29th
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                   Vizio™ 32” Razor LED HDTV

Friday July 30th
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                   Bose® Wave Music System

Saturday July 31st
8 to 10 PM (EDT)                                      iPad™ Wi-Fi 3G 64gb launched June 21st, with Iwanna as one of nearly 300 media partners. In the first three weeks following the launch, the site has already achieved nearly 6,000 registered users.

“With our large number of media partners, we will continue to test new ideas across a wide section of demographic and geographic territory,” said Willard.


Fees waived for new online auction service in WNC, Upstate

Iwanna will affiliate with Boocoo Auctions when it launches  across the country on Monday, June 21st, bringing a more affordable, local online auction solution for buyers and sellers in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.

Boocoo AuctionsCurrently in beta, Boocoo will waive all auction transaction fees for at least two weeks when it makes its public debut on Monday.

Local users can access the site at  Iwanna Blog readers can get early access this weekend by using the login: IWANNA and password: boocoorocks.

“With sellers’ fees that work out to be about 25% below the current major e-commerce sites, this should be a strong motivator to try because these sellers are extremely sensitive to their own profit margins,” said Kip Knight, a marketing consultant and former executive for Ebay North America.

“Boocoo’s emphasis on local services is smart because it is a large and growing part of e-commerce,” Knight said.

Soon after the June 21st launch, Boocoo will offer local companies the opportunity to bid for jobs placed by consumers and businesses in the community.  The service providers, (painters, carpenters, landscapers, etc.) will be able to respond to proposals from local consumers and businesses that have placed a “request for quote” on Boocoo for the service they need.

“It’s an exciting concept and one that will capitalize on the local media partners long standing relationship with service providers through their classified pages and service directories” said Tony Marsella, president of Ranger Data Technologies which owns Boocoo.

David White, a seller of over 20,000 internet auction items and a podcast talk show host, says Boocoo Auctions is  positioned for success.

“Many e-commerce sites fail due to lack of exposure and advertising. With the model has in place, this barrier to expansion, exposure and growth has been eliminated,” White said. will be offering more local auction transactions through the use of its 300 media partner’s websites, where users can easily access the auction site. According to a study for the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper websites attract more than one third of all internet users.

“The reach of newspapers and television in their market combined with their respective website audiences will provide the most powerful promotional platform available,” said George Willard Sr., founder and chairman of Ranger Data.

Failed banks yield rare auction booty

Banks that have gone belly-up during this year’s financial crisis have left behind some unique items that are being sold at public auctions, reports the business news service Bloomberg.

Business has been good,” said Penny Worley, who opened her [auction] firm in 1993. “This can be a daunting task, because there are so much and so many different things. There’s an occasional Dali. There are rare gold coins.”

via Marijuana-Reeking Tour Bus, Red Ferrari Are FDIC’s Crisis Booty –

A rapper’s tour bus that sold at one bank auction “smelled so bad of pot after one tour that they had to completely pull out most of the interior and replace it,” an auctioneer told Bloomberg.

Hundreds of banks have failed this year, and the FDIC has recovered millions in losses by turning over assets for auction.

While you may not find a rapper’s tour bus, you will find local auctions on this page at — including images of print display ads that are listed in the right-hand rail of the page.

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