How cats control humans

What’s the saying: Dogs have owners, cats have staff?

According to a new study published at, that pithy saying may be truer than we think.

The new study says that cats actually manipulate their owners with a unique purr mixed with a high-pitched cry.

Earlier studies have shown the naturally irritating nature of cat meows that mimic infant cries. But the new study emphasizes the manipulative mixture of a purr within a cry.

“The embedding of a cry within a call that we normally associate with contentment is quite a subtle means of eliciting a response,” said researcher Karen McComb of University of Sussex. “Solicitation purring is probably more acceptable to humans than overt meowing, which is likely to get cats ejected from the bedroom.”

via Cats Do Control Humans, Study Finds | LiveScience.

Even worse, the sly felines have learned how “to dramatically exaggerate it when it proves effective,” said McComb.

If you’re looking to be manipulated by a new pet, check out the pet categories on


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