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View Business & Agriculture prototype

Iwanna will launch a new Business & Agriculture section in the weekly print product next month to feature some of its most highly read content. The prototype is here.


Visualize local jobless data with Google

Now when you Google “unemployment rate Buncombe County” or any other location, you get a nice graphic compliments of U.S. Labor Statistics data.  Try it with your own locality.

Buncombe County NC unemployment graph

The upswing in Buncombe County data looks scary, but you can keep an eye on new job opportunities by checking the job listings on

Unemployment rate – Google – public data.

Site examines new car prices

Hot on the heels of our post about now being a good time to buy a new car, a new online service has just come out of beta to help buyers and dealers evaluate pricing.

This explanation from the TrueCar site:

TrueCar is the fresh voice in new car pricing. We bring truth and transparency to the sales process by aggregating data from many different sources to show car buyers and dealers how much people actually paid for a particular car in their geographic area.

via TRUECAR About Us.

You can read the TechCrunch review about TrueCar here.

Or you can start your car search on Iwanna, and you can sell your own car for free by posting an Iwanna classified.

More celebrity home gawking

Fred Couples has moved closer to a golf course, but you can have his former estate for a mere $12.5 million.

1144 E Mountain Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93108 – Zillow.

As for your own local home search, you can start here.

Don’t agonize over your job search

Don’t spend too much time agonizing if you don’t get a job that you were convinced you were perfect for. People do make hiring mistakes, of course, but chances are good that the hiring manager made a solid decision about who was most likely to thrive in the position. And that’s a good thing, because you don’t want a job in which you won’t excel, or a culture that would make you miserable.

via Why You Didn’t Get Hired – On Careers (

If you’ve recently had difficulty finding a job in this tough economy, re-read that last sentence a few times for your sanity’s sake. It’s easy to beat yourself up over not getting hired. But it’s worse to be stuck in a bad situation.

Check out the latest job opportunities in Iwanna. You can also follow Iwanna job listings by subscribing to our RSS feeds:

Or, by following us on Twitter.

How to use a free blog to sell your house

A blog post on a website about taking better pictures gives great advice on how to use a free blog service to help sell your house.

We are hoping that the market is not completely dead — only mostly dead, as Miracle Max says in The Princess Bride. But we are realistic and do know we’ll need all the help we can get.

And, yeah, they also go into detail about how to take really good pictures of your house. The site is called Strobist.

Make sure you post the URL of your house blog in your classified ad at, Western North Carolina’s largest free classified site. Go here to post your house for free in our Castles section.

GoodGuide: Product reviews & ratings

GoodGuide provides the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.

via GoodGuide | About GoodGuide and GoodGuide Ratings. is about green products, safety in household and food products, and expert advice and recommendations.  The genesis of it was a professor’s discovery of harmful chemicals in a sunscreen product he was using on his young daughter. Now it’s an independent organization of experts and researchers “dedicated to providing you with the best available information on products and companies.”

Worth taking a look at, especially if you’re wondering about the stuff you’re using or eating.

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